01/12/2023 00:44:29  (GMT+8)
WE88 Global Brand Ambassador 2022/23
We're proud to present Sola Aoi as our 2022/2023 WE88 Global Brand Ambassador. Sola Aoi is a hugely prolific face in popular entertainment across Asia, thanks to her work as an actress, model, TV personality, DJ, brand ambassador and singer.

Sola Aoi brings her iconic charms and timeless popularity to WE88, and will be exclusively working together with our team in various marketing and advertising campaigns to further boost our brand awareness across Asia.
WE88 Sports Brand Ambassador 2021/22
We are delighted to welcome Gaston Castaño as our 2021/2022 WE88 Sports Brand Ambassador. As an Argentinian footballer calling Indonesia his home, Gaston Castaño belongs to a generation of superstar athletes and is a valuable addition to WE88.

He brings with him a wealth of experience and professionalism from a playing career that lasted more than a decade. Teaming up with Gaston across our marketing campaigns and advertisements will further enhance our credibility and increase brand awareness among our users throughout Indonesia and beyond.
Official Advertising & Events Partner 2022/23
WE88 is proud to have LiveScore, the global sports media business and one of the world’s leading real-time sports updates providers as our official Advertising & Events Partner in 2022/23.

This partnership allows for WE88 users to engage with LiveScore’s premium content and engaging products across 200 territories worldwide. What’s more, LiveScore has officially announced football superstar and five-time Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo as their Official Global Brand Ambassador, representing a hugely relevant audience for WE88 users to connect with.
Music Video, proudly sponsored by WE88
WE88 is proud to announce that we are collaborating with Malaysian rapper, singer, songwriter, filmmaker and actor – Namewee, together with our WE88 2022/2023 Brand Ambassador, Sola Aoi to produce a music video entitled【別人的老婆 | Someone Else's Wife】. This exclusive collaboration is proudly sponsored by WE88.

Filmed together with our WE88 2022/2023 Brand Ambassador, Sola Aoi, this music video will be shared in all Namewee’s social media channels to further boost the branding of WE88 across relevant audiences across Asia.
EURO 2020 x WEPredict
Awarded FREE Prediction Prizes up to USD100,000!
During the recently concluded UEFA EURO 2020 tournament, WE88 launched an exclusive FREE Prediction event; WEPredict, that allowed our users to make their predictions on the football matches’ results.

With over 200 winners and a massive prize pool of up to USD100,000 given out, WE88 has pioneered brand new grounds in terms of prediction events, and WEPredict is an indication of the level of success in engaging users on WE88. We aim to go higher and provide our WE88 members with better prizes and better collaborations with world-class tournaments like UEFA and FIFA, as well as global leagues like the Premier League, LaLiga, Champions League and more.